List of Mandatory Disclosure Format
Mandatory Disclosure Format as per 8 (14) of NCTE Norms
1. Details of the institution:
1.1 Name of institution: Rao B.Ed college
1.2 Date of Establishment: 2007
1.3 Complete postal Address: Kothinarayanpur Rajgarh( Alwar)
1.4 Phone: 9166529274
1.5 Fax: 01464-244370
1.6 Email: Raoiti123@yahoo.in
1.7 Web site address: www.shikshasamitirao.com
1.8 Nearest railway station: Rajgarh
1.9 Neaarest Town: Rajgarh
1.10 Type of Institution Co-Education
1.11 Status of Institution  
2. Management
2.1 Government owned: N.A
2.2 Govt.aided: N.A
2.3 Self-Financed Self financed
2.4 Universit Department N.A
3. Details of course Applied for:
3.1 Level of the course B.Ed
3.2 Name of the teacher education course: B.Ed
3.3 Duration of the course: 2 Years
3.4 Whether to be conducted inface to face or distance mode: Face to Face
3.5 Present intake: 100 (Two Units)
3.6 Academic session from which the course will be conducted: 9 June 2015
3.7 Details of the Affiliating body Name: RRBMU Alwar
3.8 Address /Tel/Fax No: 01464-244370
4. Land:
4.1 Land area in sq mt: 4900
4.2 Whether the title of the land is on ownership basis: Yes
4.3 Title of the land is on lease as per law: Yes
4.4 Duration of the lease: No.
4.5 Land use certificated obtaines for education institution: Yes
5. Building
5.1 Construction of the building is complete: Yes
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed: No
5.3 Building is fire safety proof: Yes
5.4 Building is desiable friendly: Yes
5.5 Common room for boys/girls available: Yes
5.6 Date of completion of the building: 2007
5.7 Coverd area sq mt: 3384.5
5.8 Number of class room: 13
5.9 Other Facilities: Seminar Hall, Principal Chamber, Staff rooms, Drinking water, Electricity,Internet,Common Rooms Boys& Girls, Library.
6. Library:
6.1 The library has separate reference section journal section and randing room: Yes
6.2  Number of books in the library: 5537
6.3  Total number of education journals periodicals  being subscribed 96
6.4 Number of enclyclopedias available in the library: 5
6.5  Number of books available in the reference section of the library: 500
6.6 Seating capacity of the reading roomof the library: 50 Student
7. Instructional Facilities:
7.1 Details of laboratories available pl  attach annexure: Psycology Lab,Science Lab, Education Lab, Computer lab, Work education Lab, Physical Education lab,Sport Room,Arts & craft Room
7.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching: Yes
7.3  Number and name of school for practice  teaching: Depend on the choice of the student According  to the Government norms
8. Manpower (Photographs of teaching faculty should be displayed)
8.1 Details of teaching staff date of birth, Qualification .
Professional Qualification and other relevant information

DR.Savitra Devi (Principal)

  Details of non teaching staff 2

Mahveer Prasad

    3 Hazri Lal
    4 Rinku Yadav
    5 Pushpa Meena

Anil Kumar Sharma


Satish Kumar Saini


Pramila Vashishtha


Hemlata Bairwa


Nand Kishore


Jitendra Singh


Hari chand


Gore Lal


Murari Lal Sharma

    15 Manisha Singh
    16 Keshav Singh
8.2 Details of non teaching staff 1

Madan lal jyotishi

    2 Hukam Chand
    3 Mukesh Singh
    4 Ashok Kumar
    5 Vinod Kumar Sharma
    6 Kamlesh Sain
    7 Somdutt Sharma
    8 Sunita Bairwa
9. Facilities for games  and sports:
9.1 Own play Ground: Yes
9.2 Play ground of another institution on sharing basis: No
9.3 Gymnasium Multipurpose Hall Yes
9.4 Facilities for Gymnsium Yes
9.5 Facilities for athletics Yes
9.6 Facilities for indoor Games Yes
9.7 Facilities for out door Games Yes
10. Other Facilities Available Yes
10.1 Canteen Facilities  Available or not Yes
10.2 Medical Facilities Available or not: Yes
10.3 Hostel Facilities Available or not: No
Whether affidavit on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly attested By oath commissioner or notary public as per mentioned in section 8(5) of NCTE Regulation, 2014
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